The project

It is needed to turn back time. The first time I saw this series of photographs, a strangeness struck me. Pictures that in a hurried glance would pass through a simple heap of disjointed images could not impress. Those photos went beyond. They were mystery and time, they were Naoni.

Naoni appears to be undefined, is to be formless; it is a force. Nature's Force, delicate and brute that creates, gives life and makes a change. It is man, woman, child, a wind that blows the creation fabric capable of transforming. It is Naoni who builds and destroys.

It is a wave that leads and brings back, moves away, approaches and makes them collide. Images that lead us to another state of observation, establishing relationships between real, playful and dreamlike.

Naoni lives in the creative essence of the look of two artists who combine their techniques and aesthetics, which are diametrically distant, and when they meet, it gives life to something greater. Two artists die, while one is born.

Naoni leads me to a surreal dream where the fine line of the balance between fiction and reality arises tense in frictions and ruptures that can take us to extraordinary dimensions of the imaginary. There is no "where, when or why" in these photographs.

Leonardo Ramadinha

The artists

Ana Avelar

Born in Rio de Janeiro, photographer and economist, she dedicates herself to develop a poetics using alternative photographic techniques.
More than a language, photography is a stimulus to the sensory, to the feeling and to emotion. It is not by chance that the different is what attracts; nature, forms and people out of common sense, are the best companies for a spirit in constant transformation.
Ana participates in photography groups with artists such as Leonardo Ramadinha and Greice Rosa.

In the last years, she was present in collective exhibitions, contests and photographic fairs such as: “Minha Visão do Forte de Copacabana” – Forte de Copacabana - RJ – 2015; “Forte Duque de Caxias: um cartão postal carioca” – Forte do Leme - RJ – 2015; “Somos todos Clarice” – Museu da República – RJ -2016; “Todo Corpo Transborda” – Galeria Modernistas – RJ – 2017; “Natureza que Aflora” – Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia - BA - 2017; IV Feira Urca – Atelie da Imagem – RJ – 2018; I Feira FotoRio Resiste – Villa Aymoré – RJ – 2018; Feira de Impressos a Casa no Museu – Museu da República – RJ - 2018 e “Sonhar Não Custa Nada” – 9° Festival de Fotografia de Tiradentes – MG – 2019.

Noni Levinson

Born in Israel, raised in Rio de Janeiro, photographer and engineer. He started photographing while he was a teenager with an analog camera. Years passed when he did not photograph and when he came back to the photography world it was already digital. He has a peculiar eye for details and things that we normally do not see, which according to him is an exercise to see the beautiful, from the click to the photo treatment.

He participated in exhibitions such as: “O que o seu olho não vê” - Cafofo da Poppe - RJ - 2018 e “Sem nome” - Galeria Indoor - RJ - 2018.